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Mark & Freddie Taylor


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Plantation Shutters

Bay Tracks for Curtains

Bay Poles for Curtains

Straight Tracks for Curtains

Wood and Metal poles


Interior shutters

Motorised curtain tracks and blinds

Conservatory blinds

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Mark & Freddie Taylor

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Mark & Freddie Taylor:-  we run a Fit-ex business as a curtain fitter and blind fitter, we fit tracks, poles and blinds. We sell and fit all types of window treatments. We also steam the creases from dressed window treatments and we sell curtain tracks, poles and blinds.     

We work for private home owners, interior designers, curtain makers, commercial and business owners and blind manufacturers.  is the main website for the group and our Fit-ex business is independently owned and operated by us.

Main Services

• Sale of custom made blinds, tracks and poles

• Curtain fitting

• Blind fitting

• Dressing window treatments

• Steaming window treatments

• Measuring windows for curtain fitting and for blind fitting.  

Main Products

• Interior Plantation Shutters Services

• Bay curtain track and pole fitting

• Bay blind fitting

• Conservatory blind fitting

• Electrically operated curtain track fitting

• Electrically operated blind fitting

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